Frequently Asked Questions

Our practice is devoted to your health and help you achieve best results. Unfortunately, Dr. Ramos won’t take any medical insurances as a form of payment BUT you can get a superbill at the end of each visit which you are free to submit to your medical insurance

Dr. Ramos offers visits based on your needs as follows

     – First time New Patient: if you are new to her practice or you haven’t seen Dr. Ramos in over 2 years you need to establish care. This will not be considered your wellness exam. This is more to go over medical conditions you need to address with her

     – Wellness Exams: for new or established patients. There are 2 options

               i. Basic: if you DO NOT have any medical compliant or medical conditions that need to be address during this visit. This is purely to do an exam and review your preventive exams, vaccines, supplements and order a complete set of laboratories and diagnostic exams based on your aged group. After this visit you will have a 2-3 weeks follow up to review laboratories and make changes in your health accordingly

               ii. Comprehensive: if you DO have medical conditions or medical complaints you need to address during this visit. This will have the Wellness Basic coverage + medical condition/complaint evaluation and treatment. After this visit you will have a 2-3 weeks follow up to review laboratories and make changes in your health accordingly

     – Follow up visit: in person or virtual. Applies to patients coming from her previous practice at Holy Cross Medical Group or if you have previous seen Dr. Ramos.

               i. Basic: If you need to review 1 set of laboratories or special tests that won’t require more than 30 minutes; that generally applies if its 1 set of results. If you need to go over medication, for refills and side effects of any treatment established previously. If you need to review treatment explained previously and still have questions. If you have acute medical conditions (sick visit) such as UTI, cold symptoms, headache or another medical complaint. At the end of the visit if you need more time, no problem, your health is priority and each case is unique; the extra cost will be adjusted and paid that day (price will be adjusted to a follow up comprehensive visit)

               ii. Comprehensive: same as the basic follow up but patient need to review more than 2 tests, either blood or any specialty lab, and go over treatment plan. Generally speaking, is for patients that will need to have more time for.
If you are still in doubt which visit to select, do not worry, you can contact the patient coordinator Claudia at patients@drfarideramos.com, which will be more than glad to assist you

Dr. Ramos offer different options depending on your needs

  • First time New Patient (60 minutes). This is virtual (video call) or in person
  • Wellness exam
                   1. Basic- 30 minutes. Only in person
                   2. Comprehensive – 60 minutes. Only in-person
  • Follow up visits. In person or virtual (video call).
                   1. 30 minutes
                   2. 45 minutes

Remember time is not only what Dr. Ramos spends with you during the visit but also her notes, arrangements for your diagnostic tests and medications

That is a very important and relative to each case type of questions. In general, and at first Dr. Ramos needs to see in about 4-6 weeks to see first set of results; after that, you need to be seen every 3-4 months in order to make sure treatment is working well and change doses of medications/diet according to new testing. Once stable then follow up visit are needed every 6 months

Yes, Dr. Ramos is happy to help you adhere to her recommended visits and make it affordable for you. She offers 2 different membership programs:

  • General comprehensive program
  • Weight optimization program. 

Click here to see membership plans.

You will get for a more continued care, including the following

     – 3 visits with Dr. Ramos, in office or video call, for up to 30 minutes AND
     – 3 video call, up to 15 minutes
     – Easy access with to Dr. Ramos via secure email /text (Even after hours, unless she is in time off)
     – Easy to accommodate last minute appointments
     – Up to 3 re-schedule visit options (with more than 24 hrs in advance notice)

Dr. Ramos, M.D is a Double Board – Certified Physician: Internal Medicine and Functional Metabolic Physician (Integrative Medicine), concentrated in areas of Regenerative and Anti-Aging. She combines conventional with alternative holistic medicine approaches; she has had extensive medical training and keeps updating herself with the latest in medical advances to offer you the best available option for your overall health. Please read more in her website.

Dr. Ramos is licensed in FL, PA, VA, IL and GA. Please feel free to book your appointment if you reside in any of those states

Yes, definitely. We want to help you as much as possible to follow Dr. Ramos plan of treatment. That is why our practice will still recommend you use your medical insurance for all the different testings’ that Dr. Ramos will ask you. Medications will be sent to your pharmacy using your regular insurance. Be sure to give your affiliated pharmacy when booking your appointment

Same as explained before. We won’t accept it for Dr. Ramos visit payment but you can use it for laboratories, diagnostic tests and medication coverage. Please be sure to sign Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage form (ABN) which need to sign before your visit. Please send an email to: patients@drfarideramos.com

Yes, we are in pro of making Dr. Ramos practice dynamic smooth and easy to navigate; that is why we have enabled an online booking system for you. Just select from the different visit options the one which is appropriate for your needs.

We understand there are urgent matters, we all have. That is why, we kindly ask to cancel or reschedule your appointment with minimum of 24 hrs. in advance.

If you need to cancel in less than 24 hrs., please contact support for more information.

In order to use your credit for a future visit, then a 1 time rescheduled will be allowed. If you need to cancel or re-scheduled for second time or more, then a fee will be needed to book a new visit

Some compounding pharmacies are able to process the medication order using your insurance, but ultimately it depends on your insurance if they will pay or not for it. Please contact your insurance directly to find out more about it.  Dr. Ramos will also help you find affordable and trustworthy compounding pharmacies to fill your prescriptions

Some insurances will be able to take your insurance and cover a portion of the testing. The best way is to call the specific functional laboratory to find out about it. You will get all the information when you have your visit with Dr. Ramos

Dr. Ramos will advocate for your health and wellbeing. You can send her a message to our secure texting system and she will be able to respond within 24 hrs. remember if your matter requires immediate assistance please dial 911 or go to a closer medical facility

Dr. Ramos only has outpatient services available, but her advice is to always contact her office if you need to go to a hospital and she will communicate with the physician in charge of you while you are hospitalized. She is your advocate and needs to make sure you are well taken care.

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