Dr. Faride Ramos, M.D.

Meet Dr. Ramos, MD

Double Board-certified Functional & internal Medicine physician, Dr. Faride Ramos provides integrative, high-quality care to patients living in South Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Ramos understands that medicine is an art that requires integral and detailed training. She decided to specialize in Internal and Functional Medicine because of their complementary features. Both fields place lifestyle at the forefront and offer more diagnostic and treatment options than typically afforded by western medicine.

Dr. Ramos started her medical training at the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, in 2000. While attending medical school, she completed rotatory internships at Hospital Universidad del Norte, also located in Barranquilla. She graduated as an Outstanding Medical Student and then in 2013, Dr. Ramos completed the Internal Medicine Residency program at MacNeal Hospital, located in Berwyn, Illinois, with the opportunity to have clinical rotations in her last year at University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). She has also have had extensive training and experience in different aspects of Functional medicine and got Board Certification as Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Specialist (Functional Medicine Fellowship) from American Academy for Anti-Aging in December 2020.

Additionally, Dr. Ramos has also lent her medical expertise as a consultant on the popular Spanish-language television show, Caso Cerrado con la Dra. Ana Maria Polo, from June 2016 to December 2019, and also at El Chateo Tv Show directed by Samar Yorde, Health Coach, and international MD, where Dr. Ramos had the opportunity to share her knowledge of functional medicine with different medical experts for the Latin audience.

Dr. Ramos has always enjoyed teaching others and helping in the formation of new doctors; she believes that sharing her vast medical knowledge and charisma to others will help to get our community in better health; that’s why, since she completed her Internal Medicine Residency, she started being a mentor and associated teacher for medical students at University of Miami and medical Resident for Transitional and Internal Medicine programs at Holy Cross Hospital.

Dr. Ramos is continually augmenting her knowledge and skillset to ensure she can provide her patients with the most advanced services available. As an active member of the medical community, she routinely attends lectures, classes, and other educational opportunities, because advances in functional and internal medicine are being made all the time. To provide the highest quality care to her patients, Dr. Ramos handpicks her sources for training from highly-regarded institutions, journals, and medical professionals from around the world.

Dedication to her training allows Dr. Ramos to help patients improve the state of their health and their quality of life. Her treatments generally begin with consistent lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise recommendations, good sleep hygiene, stress modulation, amongst others personal variables, before considering pharmaceutical solutions.

Dr. Ramos’s mission is to provide personalized, integrated and high-quality care to all of her patients and welcomes new patients to schedule an appointment with her and her team.


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